Calling all creative problem solvers with a passion for monetization!

Our firm is growing rapidly. And as we look to do exceptional work, we are seeking exceptional people to build an exciting career at Monevate. If you are a talented consultant with a creative edge and an interest in helping innovative companies capture value, we would love to hear from you!

Why Monevate?
The high-performing consultants we seek to hire typically have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a career path. So why choose to build your career with us?

Exciting clients

We choose our clients for their growth potential, their willingness to make impactful change, and their alignment with our values


Fulfilling work

Many companies create great products, but few have the capabilities to monetize them effectively, and it is rewarding to help them capture more of the value they create


Personal growth potential

Your career trajectory will be accelerated through working with Monevate. We have very high standards, and our consultants can expect to grow rapidly through coaching and mentorship.


Collaborative colleagues

We aim to hire exceptional people from diverse backgrounds, and have these great minds work together to produce remarkable solutions for our clients. Working on our project teams and within our organization is a highly collaborative, intellectually stimulating process.


Work-life harmony

Consulting is undoubtedly a demanding career, but we firmly believe that your life need not be compromised for your work! We work remotely, we only travel with purpose (no 4-day travel model!), and we do everything we can to prevent weekend work.

Join Our Team

To apply, select a role and submit your application. Our dedicated team will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.

What We Look For
While we have different expectations of our hires depending on role and seniority, there are some characteristics we look for in all our hires.
Analytical curiosity/problem solving
Asking the right questions is critical to understanding how to monetize a product. Our consultants instinctively know what to ask, because they’re genuinely curious about the answers.
Drive / self-motivation
Our projects are often quick. There isn’t time to wait to be told what to do. Our consultants have the drive and proactivity to be productive in the face of ambiguity.
It takes a creative spark to make a good pricing strategy into a great one. Our consultants are like architects – scientists with an artistic bent.
Communication skills
Getting the right answer doesn’t help anyone if you can’t explain it. Our consultants are able to cut through complexity through clear spoken and written communication.
Uncompromising quality-focus
There’s a time for “good enough,” and that time isn’t when you’re changing your client’s pricing! Our consultants always strive to produce their best work.