Welcoming Monevate’s New Principal, Malvika Gupta

by | Sep 14, 2022

Our team at Monevate is delighted to announce that Malvika Gupta has joined the team full time as a Principal. Malvika brings an impressive background in both consulting and entrepreneurship to Monevate, having spent 5 years with McKinsey’s digital and fast-growth tech practices before launching her own startup. As a Principal at Monevate, Malvika will take a leadership role on our pricing and monetization engagements to ensure that clients receive a superior solution and experience.

James Wilton, Managing Partner and Founder at Monevate commented “Malvika is a great talent and the kind of caring leader that both clients and consultants love to work with. I’m excited for the passion, expertise, and excellence in delivery that she is going to bring to our growing firm.”

Welcome Malvika!

Meet Malvika

How did you get your start in the consulting industry? 

I started my consulting career at McKinsey & Company. Although I studied engineering in school, I was curious about the business building side of tech companies and understanding what it took to start and grow a business. At McKinsey, I did most of my work as part of the Tech, Media, Telecom and Private Equity Practices, through which I got to work with tech companies of a variety of sizes on a range of strategy problems. The projects I enjoyed most were getting to work with new companies and products as part of McKinsey’s start-up focused practice, Fuel. I met James through a Fuel project and was introduced to pricing work through him.

What makes you excited about joining Monevate?

Joining Monevate was such an easy decision for me – it was an opportunity to work with fast growing start-ups on one of their most strategic business decisions, alongside an exceptional team. I’ve been working with the Monevate team for several months now as a freelance consultant, so I’ve already seen firsthand the caliber of work we do and the impact we can create. Monevate is also rapidly growing, so it’s exciting to be able to join at a point where I can shape some of our future offerings.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the area of pricing and monetization? 

I really enjoy working with start-ups, and I’ve seen pricing and monetization to be one of the most impactful ways to shape a growing organization’s trajectory. Plus, with pricing work, you get to work with several aspects of the business – sales, product, customer success – to shape the positioning of the product and company.

What key trends do you see in the industry that will impact pricing and monetization strategies in the next year?  

High inflation rates and economic uncertainty are pulling pricing top of mind for business leaders at all stages. Although price increases can capture some value, greater opportunity is often missed when the broader pricing strategy – including how the product is packaged, pricing metrics, price scaling – does not tie to the value of the product. We’re seeing many businesses use the current economic environment as an opportunity to refresh their pricing strategy as a whole to capture value and drive growth.

We’re Hiring

We are growing and are excited to be expanding our team. Our deep bench of experienced consultants who are also instrumental in guiding talent development will be key to the growth of our company. Interested in joining our team? Check out more at monevate.com or drop us a line at info@monevate.com

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